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Discussion-1 400  words minimum (topic :Security in SDLC Versus Agile):

APA Format, need References

You learned about the traditional SDLC (waterfall) and agile methods of software development. Where SDLC is known for distinct, rigid phases, the agile method has smaller, flexible development cycles (sprints).

Answer the following question(s):

  1. In your opinion, does the SDLC or agile method ensure greater success in incorporating adequate security into an application’s code? Why?

Discussion-2 400  words minimum (topic :Emerging Threats  ):

APA Format, need References

You learned about the following emerging threats that are likely to shape the security landscape in the future:

  • Social engineering
  • Mobile devices used as bots
  • Scams by questionable security consulting or software firms that use fear tactics to get users to purchase their product to remove security problems
  • Data-focused attacks
  • Cloud computing
  • Expansion of malware

Answer the following question(s):

In your opinion, which threat poses the greatest risk to Microsoft Windows applications? Why?

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