Week 1 – Chapter 1: Webtext Questions

Q3:According to the sociological imagination, how should we understand and approach individual problems?
Answer: Individual problems should be approached as public issues with roots in the structures of society. (Page 1.6)
Q4:The debunking motif is MOST closely related to which of the following sociological practices?
Answer: The debunking motif is most closely related to the important practice of critical thinking. (Page 1.5 and 1.8)
Q5:What would a functionalist’s perspective on public education be?
Answer: A functionalist’s perspective on public education would be that it serves essential roles in society. (Page 1.10)
Q7:Which of the following would a symbolic interactionist be most likely to study?
Answer: A symbolic interactionist would be most likely to study the effects of social interactions during in-school suspension programs. (Page 1.12)

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