Week 1: The DNP Project: Introduction, Background and Problem

The discussion this week is intended to introduce your peers to the practice problem associated with your planned project. Within your Week One Guided Worksheet you will write the Title, Introduction, Background and Problem sections for your proposal. Please download the Week One Guided Worksheet to complete this discussion. Follow the Guided Worksheet to ensure that you include all of the detailed information for each section. Information from each Guided Worksheet is included in the Week 4 Assignment Rubric and the Week 6 Assignment Rubric.

Please complete the entire worksheet and then cut and paste the worksheet into the collaborative threads as your initial post.

Review your colleagues’ posts which describe their project introduction and respond to one student colleague. Provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals and respond to all faculty questions.

The use of Grammarly is required for this assignment. Utilize editing and writing resources in addition to input from your faculty and student colleagues to enhance your worksheet, and submit on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT. Your faculty will offer detailed feedback on your worksheet.

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