Week 1 Topic 3: Responsibility for Academic Integrity

Responsibility for Academic Integrity

For this discussion, carefully review UMGC’s Philosophy of Academic Integrity, the foundation of our vision for students to build knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve their professional aspirations is integrity. Our institutional Academic Integrity Policy outlines guiding principles that support integrity and lists prohibited misconduct.

To support your learning about Academic Integrity, we ask that you complete Modules 1 and 6 of the Academic Integrity Tutorial.  Use the tutorial link and complete each of these modules. If you have completed these modules for another course within the last year, go through the modules to review key concepts.

Submit the pledge below with your name underneath it. You may copy and paste the pledge into a discussion post and add your name at the end.

“UMGC’s online Academic Integrity Tutorial and UMGC’s Academic Integrity Policy can help me understand how to apply my own personal ethics and integrity to creating authentic academic work. By submitting this pledge, I acknowledge that I am responsible for information in the policy section of the syllabus for this course and for the information in Modules 1 and 6 in the Tutorial. I understand that I can learn about the authenticity of my writing through use of Turnitin that is enabled for assignments in the LEO classroom and that I could face consequences for engaging in prohibited academic misconduct.”

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