Week 14 Assignments

Week 14 Assignments

Please read chapters 29, 30, and 31 in your Smith and Parker textbook. Additionally, please review the supplemental links provided below. Utilize this time to become familiar with the presented theorists and think who their framework models will apply to our current nursing environment.

Chapter 29

Video Link

Introduction to Barrett Power Theory


Article Link/Weblink


Chapter 30

Video Link

Part 1 of 2: Marlaine Smith, Co-Editor of Caring in Nursing Classics, Discusses Her Book


Part 2 of 2: Marlaine Smith Discusses the Evolution of Caring Science


Article Link

Caring science and the science of unitary human beings: A trans-theoretical discourse for nursing knowledge development


Chapter 31

Video Link

Theory of Caring: Kristen M. Swanson


Article/Web Link

Swanson Theory of Caring


Discussion Question #8 Original Due Saturday at 2359

This assignment is worth 1 Points

After reviewing our three nursing theorists presented this week in chapters 29, 30, and 31. Let’s reflect upon the events that are taking place in healthcare today (Covid-19 Pandemic). Which theorist would you select to construct a framework for care of your staff and patients? Please explain why with examples.

***Think about some of the concepts involved. Examples include fear, isolation, family separation, being pregnant and exposed to the virus, psychological issues, guilt, impacted care standards.

Please remember to post your original response, followed by two separate responses to your colleagues on separate days. Remember your citations and follow the course grading rubric. I am thanking everyone in advance for their outstanding work as always

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