Week 2 Creating A Scope Statement

Wk 2 Team – Apply: Creating a Scoping Document [due Day 7]

Assignment Content

  1. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is based on a project’s scope statement. This statement lists all the work that goes into creating the products of the project. It includes the charter, requirements document, processes, and is managed by the project manager. In this week’s Team assignment, your team will review the scenario and develop a project scope statement based on the provided information. You may use the template provided or develop your own.

    Read the Global Treps Scenario and complete the assignment below.

    Develop a first version of a project scope statement for the project. Use the Scope Statement template and the example in Chapter 5 as guides. Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics and requirements, as well as all of the project’s deliverables. Include the following:

    • Global Treps website
    • 4 Shark-Tank-like events
    • A business plan
    • Outsourced items(laptops, donation acceptance, video creation, etc.) as part of the project scope
    • Submit your project scope statement.

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