Week 2 Discussion: Research Questions and APUS Library Search Tools

Week 2 Discussion: Research Questions and APUS Library Search Tools

This forum has three (3) parts.

1. Plagiarism: Please be sure to indicate in this post that you understand the university’s policy on plagiarism, which can be found here:   APUS Plagiarism Policy.

2. Research Guide and Search Tools:

Share three things you learned about from looking at your program’s research guide and the library’s search tools. The information below will help you.

  • Go to the research guide for your program/major (or one that interests you, if you are undecided on your major).  Explore the guide’s sections, including the tab that takes you to specialized databases (usually called Articles and Journals).
  • Cruise the APUS Library search tools shown in the list below.  Use this assignment to explore at least one search tool new to you.

To get started, check out the APUS Library video tutorials.  You can access them via the ONLINE RESEARCH tab in the main navigation bar on the library’s home page. All videos are closed captioned and are best viewed using Firefox.   These FAQs that might also be useful to help you access the tutorials:


The web resources in the APUS Library linked below may be helpful in your research.

Social Science Research Network
IR and Security Network

Directory of Open Access Journals

Here’s a FAQ that may help you:  Where can I find open access journals or ebooks in our library?

Current Government Information
Google Scholar

Please note that if you use Google Scholar from inside the APUS Library the results will indicate which sources are available in the library. This FAQ explains how to do this: How can I see full-text links for the APUS Library in Google Scholar?

3.  Research Questions: In this section of the forum, you will be writing research questions. First go to the Sample Research Questions in the APUS Library’s [email protected] section.  You will see a table showing questions that are identified as being problematic and then revised to be well-designed.

Then draft three (3) research questions on the topic that you are most interested in pursuing for your research paper. Remember that closed ended questions (those that can be answered with a yes or no) do not invite exploration or discussion and so are not good choices.


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