Week 3 Discussion: Plagiarism

Week 3 Discussion: Plagiarism

Review the reading material in the textbook on plagiarism and then examine one of your recent research papers. Identify the paper you examined and, in a one to two paragraph posting, answer the following questions:

1. What has surprised you as you have encountered the concept of plagiarism in previous courses?  How have your views of using the other people’s words and ideas changed?

2. Based on your previous paper(s), what do you feel most comfortable about when it comes to plagiarism?

3. Based on your previous paper(s), where do you need to improve your handling of source material?


Here are some FAQs and answers from the APUS Library that may help you out:


What is plagiarism? How can I avoid it?



Why do I need to cite my sources?



What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial?



How do I paraphrase or quote my sources correctly?



Are there any good citation management tools that I can use?




Please see rubric for grading criteria.

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