Week 3: The DNP Project: Translational Science Model or Theoretical Framework, the Organizational Setting and Population

In Week 3, you will focus on articulating the translational science model or the theoretical framework with accompanying change model, the organizational setting and population for your DNP Project. The premises of this model will support the second part of this week’s work, the implementation plan. Please download the Week Three Guided Worksheet and use that template to complete this week’s discussion. You will select the translational scientific model or theoretical framework and change model that you think best fits your project. As you describe the model, identify its primary premises. In the next section, you will detail the organizational setting and population that is specific to your practicum site. Follow the Guided Worksheets to ensure that you include all the detailed information for each section. Information from each Guided Worksheet will be included in the Week 4 and Week 6 Assignments.

Review your colleagues’ posts which describe their project introduction and respond to one student colleague. Provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals.

After you receive feedback from students and faculty, edit the worksheet thoroughly, submit it to the assignment folder by Sunday at 11:59 p.m MT.

I look forward to our discussion!

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