Week 3A Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
Aristotle states that “man is by nature a political animal.” (i.e. a social being)
Group of answer choices

Hobbes agrees.

Hobbes disagrees.

Hobbes believes that, in some limited cases, man might be encouraged to be a political animal.

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Question 21 pts
In the state of Nature, according to Hobbes:
Group of answer choices

Everybody is unequal.

Apart from the leaders, everyone is unequal.

All are equal.

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Question 31 pts
Hobbes states that there is no justice in the State of Nature because:
Group of answer choices

There is no common power, hence no law, and no justice.

People are constantly disrespecting justice by breaking the law.

People who try to be just end up being overwhelmingly unpopular.

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Question 41 pts
Which Law of Nature states: “That a man be willing, …., to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself.”?
Group of answer choices

The Second Law of Nature.

The Third Law of Nature.

The Fourth Law of Nature.

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Question 51 pts
According to Hobbes, between animals:
Group of answer choices

There can be covenants, the same as between humans.

There can be no covenants, because the power of speech is lacking.

There can be primitive covenants concerning sharing of food, because animals have voice.

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Question 61 pts
In the language of personation, the person who acts or speaks on behalf of another person is called ____________.


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Question 71 pts
Name one of the three causes of dispute in the state of nature.

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