Week 3B Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
According to Hobbes, the agreement between animals is:
Group of answer choices




Question 21 pts
Which of the following statements is not true?
Group of answer choices

The covenant is made between the people.

The sovereign is the enforcer of the covenant.

The sovereign is bound by the terms of the covenant.

Question 31 pts
The sovereign is appointed to govern the people in a commonwealth by institution.
The people are called:
Group of answer choices




Question 41 pts
The covenant establishes a commonwealth (state) and a government where:
Group of answer choices

The Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers are all exercised by the sovereign.

The sovereign takes charge of the executive and judicial power, but the people exercise sovereignty through the legislative.

The Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers are all strictly separated, and placed in different hands.

Question 51 pts
If the people are dissatisfied with the administration of the sovereign:
Group of answer choices

they can revoke their support for the covenant and negotiate a new one.

the covenant automatically dissolves.

they cannot make a new agreement among themselves without the consent of the sovereign.

Question 61 pts
How does Hobbes respond to the complaint that life under the rule of the sovereign is miserable?

Question 71 pts
Hobbes refers to the commonwealth (or Leviathan) as a _________ God.

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