Week 4: The DNP Project: Implementation Considerations and Outcomes

The discussion this week outlines the consideration and challenges for implementation and the outcomes section of the proposal. This is the beginning of the project evaluation process as you begin the plan for evaluating the effectiveness of your evidence-based intervention. You will select tools for data collection to reflect the criteria, establish a plan for data collection including data collection points and who will collect the data and describe the tools/instruments you will be utilizing, identifying validity, reliability and permission related to the tool. Follow the Week Four Guided Worksheet to ensure that you include all the detailed information for each section. You will copy and paste the worksheet contents into the discussion for your initial post. Review your student colleagues’ posts and provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals. The contents of worksheet four should be copy and pasted into the DNP Project Template and submitted with the entire Week four Proposal Assignment.

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