Week 4A Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
Hobbes believes that subordinate representation:
Group of answer choices

can provide effective representation under certain circumstances.

is an essential feature of any successful government.

creates rival sovereign powers and endangers the commonwealth.

Question 21 pts
According to Hobbes, the decisions of a sovereign assembly:
Group of answer choices

Are more likely to be good policy than those of a single sovereign because they come from careful discussion and debate.

Will more accurately reflect the will of the people, because the assembly will be closer to the people than the king can ever be.

Are less reflective of the public interest than are the decisions of the king, because each member of the assembly is prone to favor their own private interests.

Question 31 pts
A commonwealth by Acquisition is:
Group of answer choices

one which is established by the covenant between the people.

one which is the result of invasion or conquest.

one which arises because a king has purchased the land from another king.

Question 41 pts
Hobbes refers to the “right of succession” as:
Group of answer choices

Artificial perpetuity.

Artificial eternity.

Conventional immortality.

Question 51 pts
The idea that each person in the commonwealth should be the judge of good and evil actions is called (by Hobbes):
Group of answer choices

a rebellious opinion.

a questionable doctrine.

a seditious doctrine.

Question 71 pts
Hobbes believes that the “immoderate greatness of a town” benefits the commonwealth since it produces a vibrant commercial life which enriches the state as a whole.
Group of answer choices



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