Week 4B Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
In the Glorious Revolution,
Group of answer choices

a democratic republic is established.

England becomes a Catholic nation again.

King James II is removed from the throne.

Flag question: Question 2
Question 21 pts
John Locke:
Group of answer choices

supports the complete removal of the monarchy.

supports a constitutional monarchy.

supports the absolute power of the king.

Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
Sir Robert Filmer was:
Group of answer choices

a defender of absolute kingship.

a Whig.

a friend and ally of John Locke.

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Question 41 pts
Locke states in Chapter VI of the Second Treatise, that:
Group of answer choices

“we are born free but quickly enslaved”

“no man is born free”

“we are born free as we are born rational”

Flag question: Question 5
Question 51 pts
Locke maintains in Chapter I of the Second Treatise that:
Group of answer choices

Paternal power does not exist.

Paternal power and political power are not the same.

Paternal power and political power are the same.

Flag question: Question 6
Question 61 pts
Locke believes that the family is a natural institution:
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 7
Question 71 pts
According to Filmer, who was the first absolute monarch in the world?

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