Week 5: The DNP Project: Data Management, Project Management and Ethical Issues

Welcome to our Week Five Discussion!

Please use the NR702 the Week Five Guided Worksheet to complete this discussion. The work this week includes a detailed outline of your planned data analysis management plan with the identification of the specific statistical tests. This project evaluation process uses data management methods intended to evaluate the effectiveness of your practice change related to your evidence-based intervention. This is the key to translating evidence to practice, by measuring the effectiveness and impact of this change. You will establish a plan for data analysis plan including what statistical tests for the data produced in your project evaluation. The other areas addressed this week are the project schedule, budget and ethical issues related to the project. Follow the Guided Worksheet to ensure that you include all of the detailed information for this section. Information from each guided worksheet is included in the final Week 6 Proposal.  Complete final edits and submit the final Worksheet to the Assignment folder by Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.

Please copy and paste your worksheet into the discussion as your initial post.

Review your student colleagues’ posts and faculty questions. Provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals.

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