Week 5A Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
Locke’s Law of Nature states that man is bound to preserve himself and:
Group of answer choices

“attack others before they attack him.”

“support only those who support him.”

“as much as he can, to preserve the rest of mankind.”

Flag question: Question 2
Question 21 pts
In the state of nature, the realization that all are equal leads to:
Group of answer choices

principles of justice and charity.

An immediate desire to form a social contract to guarantee this equality.

hostility and suspicion.

Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
Which of the following does Locke not say about slavery?:
Group of answer choices

“It is the state of war continued.”

“It is legitimate if it is part of a valid contract.”

“A man cannot, by compact, or his own consent, enslave himself to any one.”

Flag question: Question 4
Question 41 pts
According to Locke, man acquires property by:
Group of answer choices

asking the rest of the human community for use of it.

taking material from the earth and mixing his labor with it.

stealing it from others.

Flag question: Question 5
Question 51 pts
Locke states that “civil government is the proper remedy for the _____ of the state of nature.”
Group of answer choices




Flag question: Question 6
Question 61 pts
Locke states that the invention of refrigeration allows man to accumulate more than he needs.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 7
Question 71 pts
Locke states that the attempt of one man to enslave another creates what between them? A State of _________.

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