Week 5B Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
When a person takes part in the social contract they agree:
Group of answer choices

to be bound by the decisions of the majority.

to obey the legislative under all circumstances

to surrender all rights permanently to the government.

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Question 21 pts
According to Locke, the supreme power of the commonwealth
Group of answer choices

The Judiciary

The Executive

The Legislative

Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
Which of the following is not true?
Group of answer choices

The Federative and the Legislative ought to be united.

The Legislative and the Executive ought to be separated.

The Executive and the Federative powers are usually united.

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Question 41 pts
One of the ways government may dissolve is if:
Group of answer choices

The Legislative is Altered.

The Judiciary has few cases to review.

The Executive is Expanded.

Flag question: Question 5
Question 51 pts
Locke believes that the “right to revolution”
Group of answer choices

means that people will only revolt when they see the government engage in a repeated pattern of abuses.

will lead to a constant change of government.

should only be used once

Flag question: Question 6
Question 61 pts
Locke states that if society dissolves as a result of foreign invasion and conquest the government might still survive.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 7
Question 71 pts
If the government dissolves due to the prince or legislative invading the peoples’ property, the people are thrown back to the state of nature.
Group of answer choices



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