Week 6 Discussion: Outline for Research Paper

In week 8, you will be submitting your research paper. In this forum, create and post your outline for that paper, making sure that you use complete sentences for all elements of the outline. Using complete sentences gives your outline focus.  Remember that, if you have one sub-heading, you should have at least one more.  Your outline should reflect the way you get the reader into the paper (introduction) and the way you help the reader exit (conclusion). Body paragraphs should provide support for your thesis statement.  Do not make elements of your outline large blocks of text; usually a sentence or two will suffice for each element. This video has some good ideas about outlining: Outlining Example.

Here are the items to include in your post:

  1. Thesis statement (in bold font) that is a complete sentence (not a question).
  2. Outline with all elements being complete sentences.

Please do not make your initial post as an attachment or link.

Responses to Other Students

When responding to your peers’ outlines, consider these questions and suggestions.

  • What questions do you have after seeing their outline?
  • Is there a strong and well-worded thesis statement?
  • How do the body paragraphs support the thesis statement?
  • Pose questions to help your peers strengthen their position.
  • Play devil’s advocate to help them defend their position.
  • Offer possible supporting points or research if you know anything that might help.

Please see rubric for grading criteria.

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