Week 6: The DNP Project: Education Plan and Appendices

Welcome to our Week Six Discussion! Please use the Week Six Guided Worksheet to complete this discussion. The discussion this week is to present the final appendices of your project, including the educational outline for your evidence-based intervention that supports your final project proposal. The evidence tables are not included in this assignment and will be completed in NR 705. The appendices in your project proposal assist the reader in detailed evidence of the parts of the proposal that communicate the practice change you are proposing. Follow the Guided Worksheets to ensure that you include all of the appendices that are related to the proposal you have written. Information from each Guided Worksheet is included in the final Week 6 Final Proposal Assignment and rubric.

Please upload a copy of the worksheet with the appendices as an attachment. Then in the post, please describe in one sentence the appendices which are in the attachment.

Review your colleagues’ posts and attached Guided Worksheets. Provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals.

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