Week 6B Knowledge Check

Question 11 pts
In Book I, Chapter I, Rousseau declares: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is”:
Group of answer choices

In Chains



Flag question: Question 2
Question 21 pts
What does Rousseau meant by “political right”?
Group of answer choices

the civil rights of politicians.


justification for legitimate political authority

Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
According to Rousseau, his social contract is an association where each person
Group of answer choices

loses his liberty but receives security in return.

obeys only himself and remains as free as before.

agrees to take turns governing all other persons.

Flag question: Question 4
Question 41 pts
The social contract brings the state into existence. Each person in the state is simultaneously:
Group of answer choices

a comrade and a citizen.

a subject and a citizen.

a magistrate and a subject.

Flag question: Question 5
Question 51 pts
What is Rousseau’s view of “partial associations” or “partial societies” (churches, families, unions etc.)?
Group of answer choices

some should be encouraged and others should not.

should not exist because they frustrate/obscure the general will in the minds of the people.

they encourage participation in the state and should be supported.

Flag question: Question 6
Question 61 pts
In Book I, Chapter VI, Rousseau says that a change to our “mode of existence” (i.e. the social contract) must be made because humanity is in danger of what?

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