Week 7 – Arrays

Part1) Write a Java program which declares and populates an array with some values (at least 5 values). Then it should call a method passing it the array. The method should modify the array values using a loop. Lastly, after the program calls the method, it should display the modified array contents to the console.

Submit your program as an attached  .java file and post a screen shot to show that you have been able to successfully run that program. Make sure you submission adheres to the SubmissionRequirements document.

Be sure to create a program different from any of the programs already posted by your classmates or the examples in class materials.

Part2) Reply to another student’s post. Modify the student’s program by increasing the array size by 2 and populate those values. Submit a screen shot of the execution of the modified code.

Reply to a post which does not have a reply yet or provide a different version of the code.

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