Week 7 Assignment – Learning Activity: 

  1. AWeek 7 Assignment – Learning Activity: nalyze a Marketing Plan
    Review the sample marketing plan provided in the link. While more of a template or guide than a complete marketing plan, it does outline each of the parts of a marketing plan and provide fairly detailed suggestions and example formatting and images.

    • Developing a Telehealth Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Guide [PDF].
    • Analyze the marketing plan sample (using SWOT or another analysis tool). Identify at least two strengths and two weaknesses of each plan.
      Submit a Word document with the following:
    • A brief (one paragraph or less) summary of the plan.
    • Bulleted lists of two strengths and two weaknesses of the plan.
    • One to two paragraphs on whether there are parts of these plans you will incorporate into your own marketing plan. If you do not intend to incorporate anything, provide rationale for that decision.
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