Week 7 Discussion: Peer Review of Draft Research Paper

Research Paper Draft

Post a draft of your research paper for others to review. Don’t worry if your draft is rough or not quite finished. Post as much of it as you have done. Please put your thesis statement in bold. Be sure to state in your forum post what citation style you are using.  If you want to include the abstract, that’s fine. It’s not necessary though. Make your initial post by mid-week to give folks time to review it.


***For your student replies, answer some or all of the checklist questions below (enough to reach the required word counts, please). Do NOT copy and paste the questions into your post.


Here are the questions to help with your review of your peers’ papers. Please be sure to review at least two (2) papers.


  1. Does the piece meet the requirements of the assignment? Do you know what the thesis statement is? Is the thesis statement one complete sentence?
  2. Does the introduction provide a good gateway into the paper? Is there enough context so you know what to expect? Are you “hooked” so you want to continue reading?
  3. Does the conclusion provide a satisfying sense of closure? Is the view at the end of the paper consistent with the stance at the beginning?
  4. Do the body paragraphs provide support for the thesis? Do details in each paragraph provide support for the paragraph’s topic sentence (explicitly stated or implied)? Are there any sentences that do not belong?
  5. Are transitions from one idea to the next made smoothly? Are there spots where movement is confusing?
  6. Do you see any sentences that could be improved upon? Does the writer use a variety of sentences?
  7. Do you see grammatical or mechanical issues that distract from the writer’s ideas?
  8. Does the author integrate source materials smoothly (using techniques like signal phrases for quotes and providing contextual information about the source’s author and significance)?
  9. Do you see any problems with the use of the citation style for this topic, either in citations in the paper itself or at the end in the notes, reference list, or works cited entries?
  10. Overall, do you feel that you have read a substantive, engaging clear paper on a topic that has been carefully researched?

Please see rubric for grading criteria.

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