Week 7 Discussion

Please respond to the following:

Main discussion questions for the week:

We have suggested that Zoroastrianism influenced Judaism. As a Jew, Jesus taught Jewish scripture. Some even say that Christianity is a sect of Judaism. Yet most Christians claim that their religion is unique. Also, we have seen numerous rifts in Christianity: In the book of Acts, the division between Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Protestant Reformation, and so on. Modern Christianity is sometimes characterized by the split among followers who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible and those who believe in a figurative interpretation.

  • Did Zoroastrianism and/or Judaism provide the basis for Christianity or not? Defend your response with three reasons and explain.
  • How can one Bible, especially one New Testament, be used to justify so many divisions? Is one of these divisions or denominations the “right” one? Why?

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

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