Week 7: Reflection on the Proposal Process, Experience with Preceptor and the Plan for Dissemination

This week’s discussion focuses on reflection and dissemination of your final project. Please answer the following questions:

  • What aspects of developing the proposal were most enjoyable?
  • What aspects of developing the proposal were most challenging?
  • Did your preceptor provide you timely with feedback when you had questions?
  • Did your preceptor review and provide you with feedback associated with your DNP proposal paper?
  • Did your preceptor serve as a professional role model for you this session?
  • What are your specific plans for dissemination of your project?

Finally, if you had to offer advice to a new student starting the project and practicum courses, what would your recommendations include?

You have accomplished so much in this course, and I look forward to this exciting discussion!

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