well-visit gynecological exam

Instructions : You are about to perform a well-visit gynecological exam on a 22-year-old woman who has never had a Pap smear or vaginal exam. How will you make this patient understand and be comfortable with the exam? How will you explain the tests required? Defend your answer by citing one or two articles from nursing research journals that you have found from the Bradley Library.


book information

Schadewald, D. M., Pritham, U.A., Youngkin, E. Q., Davis, M. S., & Juve, C. (2020). Women\’s health: A primary care clinical guide (5th ed.) Pearson.


Articles I found; it must be educational and also reassuring to the patient.

  1. factors influencing college womens gynecological screening behaviors and intentions
  2. the adolescents first gynecological exam

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