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Postings: Where & on What Articles: As noted in the Course Schedule and class online site, Students shall post in the appropriate Assignment Folder or a two paragraph Article Critique regarding the topic of the selected (your selection) textbook chapters. You will need to find an article to critique. Students may use any of the peer review journal articles included in the references at the end of each textbook chapter or find and report on a different peer review article found using FIU Libraries and concerning the topic of the chapters noted below on the Course Schedule.

“Peer reviewed” means that the article in question has been reviewed by a group of other professionals in the same subject matter (i.e., peers). The journal’s board assigns each article that is submitted to it for publication to a group of peers that offer comments, edits and pose questions to the author(s) questioning the proposed content of the article. Until the journals board is satisfied the text author(s) have fully addressed all issues raised by the peer group the article will not be published. Each area of study has its own peer reviewed journals. In the social sciences which includes nursing, social work, public health, medicine you have some very well-known peer review journals like “JAMA” and “New England Journal of Medicine” to name a few. These articles represent some of the most researched material on the topic the article is written on since its contents has been subjected to scrutiny and many articles submitted never make it to publication when the author(s) cannot justify their statements to the satisfaction of similar professionals. The reason I require use of these articles is two-fold. First, to have students learn or improve their use and familiarity with FIU Libraries in conducting research. Second, the materials in these articles are far more trustworthy than other sources.

Grading Rubric: In order to receive full points each submission (1) include at least two paragraphs (2) the first paragraph shall be a brief summary of the article in the students own words which identifies in the narrative what text book material the article touches on, includes proper in text citation(s) to the article critiqued and the text book (citation to the text book shall include page number(s)) as well as proper APA references for each in text citation used (3) the second paragraph shall also be in the students own words and shall comment in a substantive way on the findings and statements made in the article reviewed by the student identifying in the narrative the strong and weak points of the article along with supporting documentation (i.e., evidenced by the use of in text citations) from either the text book, the article reviewed or other source as well as including proper in text citation(s) and reference(s) as noted for the first paragraph.


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