Who Am I Assignment Instructions



The purpose of this assignment is to learn how instruments can be used as a part of career development. This assignment provides an opportunity to take career assessments, score career assessments, interpret career assessments, and articulate career assessment results. All of these skills are important and necessary for counselors to practice. Counselors will engage with clients who have various career related concerns. Having experience with implementing career assessment tools prepares counselors to work with clients who have career related therapeutic needs.


For this paper, you will use the results obtained from Steps I–II of the Career Assessment and Career Inventory Instructions.


Divide your paper using the headings below (without Roman numerals) and write a 4–6-page paper in current APA format (no abstract). Remember to bold and center the headings. Your paper may be written in first person. Save your paper in Microsoft Word format as: Last name_First initial_Who_Am_I_ Paper (e.g., Doe_J_ Who_Am_I_ Paper).


Submit your paper on Blackboard and to LiveText/Tevera by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.




Utilize the following headings throughout your assignment. Address all aspects of each question in-depth as related to your assessment results or personal reactions:


Career Instrument Results

  • What were your scores/results from the O*NET Interest Profiler?
  • Using your textbook, read about John Holland’s theory of types (pp. 69–80). Describe your top 3 Holland vocational personality types. What are the characteristics of your types? (Do not just list traits, but integrate the traits into a narrative.)
  • Describe/define your important values from the Value Sort. Provide a detailed discussion of at least your top 2 values, but no more than 5 values.


Personal Reactions

  • Explore your reactions to and feelings about the results of each
  • Does each overall results of the IP and Value Sort fit or not fit your self-perception? Why or why not?
  • Identify traits of agreement or disagreement related to the Holland code descriptors.


External Influences

  • Examine whether intrinsic factors such as race, age, gender, or disabling conditions influenced your assessment results.
  • Describe the external factors such as feeling tired, being rushed, technology issues, etc., that influenced your assessment results.



  • Describe how the results of each of the assessments appear to relate to each other. Discuss the career themes or patterns that emerged.
  • Discuss the best work environment fit based on the 3 vocational personality types noted from taking the assessment.
  • Describe the assessment results compared to your past and present job satisfaction and fulfillment.


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